A man on a mission he was never briefed on. Like a bucket of cold water to the sleeping face, every day startles, invigorates, shocks and wets my sheets. I live to Live, through risk and intangible reward, intuition and the sanctitude of one. I hope to call you all my friends. Except for that fella on Montreal who ended Kieth Primeau’s career with an elbow to the head, that guy’s not cool. That Play, it was long since over, buddy.

Most of what’s here are random excerpts from my head and, sadly to some, they stuck around as glue to the more traditional page. The hope and reason behind this place is motivated by my weird desire to capture peculiar or altering perspectives as they were or, spoken more accurately, as close as they were to the original that can be achieved with the primitive but effective form of communication we call the written language. None of these perspectives are mine, and few I agree with.




Dancing in mind.